SmartKYC - Know your customer
SmartKYC is an AI-based solution which helps businesses and organizations verify their customers' identity.
KYC (Know Your Customer) process is particularly important in the financial services industry, bank, aviation security to ensure customers are on record to avoid potential litigation risks and to take responsibility for future law violations.
The benefits of SmartKYC

Improve customer satisfaction

Quickly register service without going to transaction office.
Detect customers on the blacklist, quickly alert the internal system.

Enhance risks management

The technology of comparing faces and data with high accuracy up to 97%.
The integrated module detects fake signs, enhances the system's risk management capabilities, prevents financial crime and money laundering.

Save 80% cost and time

Automatically verified the client on the basis of artificial intelligence.
Shorten manpower to carry out the process.


Based on the principle of in-memory computing, the information will be deleted immediately after processing to ensure not to leak out.

Digitizing business processes

Minimize papers and documents during verification.

Verification process with SmartKYC
Easy to use!!

Shoot ID


Check information on ID


Shoot your face


Check, compare with the face on ID


+ Your information scanned by OCR
+ Verify the face matches

Outstanding advantages of SmartKYC
Flexible implementation model (cloud/onprimise)
Easy integration with existing systems of enterprises
SmartKYC is built on AI Deep Learning technology combined with advanced image processing technology to maximize the effectiveness of fraud detection.
Meet the demands "On Stop Shopping " of customers (just access one place and meet all the needs of financial transactions as a virtual trading room)
The applications of SmartKYC
Financial Service
Our Partners
We are proud to be a good partner of many groups and enterprises in various countries
SmartKYC is one of the key artificial ibackgroundntelligence projects developed by RUNSYSTEM - a member of the Japanese GMO Internet Group. With 15 years of experience in the technology field and many domestic and international partners, RUNSYSTEM is proud to bring SmartKYC solution with high accuracy and benefits for businesses.

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